Come on mate……time for bed. The battle begins.


Come on mate time for bed. By now I have said it at least 5 times – it’s as if there is an automatic filter on his ears that cancels those words. I’m sure there is a scientific term.

Like you, early in the piece we followed the eat, bath, sleep routine but now have;

  1. just want to watch this
  2. I have to go to the toilet
  3. There’s a noise in my room
  4. Why can you stay up
  5. I need water
  6. My leg, hand, head, back…… hurts
  7. I’m still hungry

And the list goes on!!

My latest “trick” is to piggy back him to bed and at least that get him there. I probably need to read to him more while in bed that seem to settle him a bit and I’m not sure too many toys in his room doesn’t help.

By about 8:30 his finally sleeping and when I tuck him in I always seem to find at least 10 small toys in there with him. I must admit seeing sleeping quietly and safe is probably the best site a father will see.

Ok now its Mummy and Daddy time!!


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